Our Lady of Lourdes
Parish School of Religion
Pastor/ Director:  Fr. W
illiam J Ferguson
PSR Manager:  Deb Driscoll
Phone:  419-634-2626     Email:
2018-2019 School Year PSR Classes - Grades K through 12 will meet 9:45 - 10:45 a.m.
Classes begin SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16

Preschool/ Children's Liturgy of the Word begins September 16.  Meets from just before the
11:00 Mass until children are dismissed to return to families during the Offertory.

We have new PSR Registration Forms  this year.  We DO need a current student registration
EACH YEAR so that we can have current/accurate contact and health information for each
of our students! (You may download and print the form
here. )

Christian Initiation for Children
RCIA is set up for adults only. The process for those with children over five years of age and in need Baptism*, First Eucharist, and/or
Confirmation - the Sacraments of Initiation- and Catholic education is as follows:  

1) Contact either the PSR Administrator, Deb Driscoll, or the Pastor (Director of the Parish School of Religion).
in person, by phone at 419-634-2626, or by email to the parish office at oll@wcoil.com

2) During your first meeting:
a) You will be asked to register with the parish and register your children with the PSR (Parish School of Religion)
b) You will be given the appropriate textbook for working at home to prepare your child and plan a date for the reception of the sacrament(s).

3) While you are working with your child at home, your child will be expected to attend PSR classes with their peers and you and your child will be
expected to attend Mass weekly.   

4) You may ask for meetings for guidance at any time during the process.

5) At one month before the date intended for the celebration of the sacrament, you will need to make an appointment with the Pastor to
a) assess your child’s readiness and
b) confirm or reset the date for the reception of the sacrament(s).

*For the Baptism of infants and children under five, please contact the Pastor to schedule a baptism.  You may be asked to meet in person.
Safe Environment Policy

All clergy and paid employees and all adult volunteers who have contact with minor aged children
must be in compliance with the Safe Environment Policy.

To be in compliance, the following is required:

Completion of the VIRTUS® training program "Protecting God's Children (PGC).™" This is the only program accepted in the
Diocese of Columbus. Training sessions are held here at OLL and at other parishes throughout the diocese, including
Immaculate Conception in Kenton. Adults must register online at

Completion of an electronic fingerprint background check. If a person has lived in Ohio the past 5 consecutive years, he or
she needs a State of Ohio BCI check. If a person has lived outside of Ohio for any time during the last 5 years, then he or she
needs to have an FBI Background Check..

For Virtus and Fingerprinting instructions, return to the site's home page
Parish School of Religion

A new national study from the Center for the Study of Religion and Society seeks to understand former young Catholics.  
The statistics can be distressing, with roughly half of all teenagers losing their catholic identity by their late 20's.  
What can we learn?  
How can we form committed adult Catholics?

Read the PDF of the full report.