Saint Gabriel Radio, AM850, will begin on Wednesday, March 20, a Novena Prayer for Bishop
Brennan as he prepares to become the twelfth Bishop of our Diocese.

What is a Novena? The word “novena” is taken from “novem,” the Latin word for “nine.” A
novena is made up of nine days of prayer and meditation usually to ask God for special prayer
requests or petitions.

Please join in this prayer for our new Bishop.

God our Father, Creator of all,
Be always by the side of Your servant Bishop Robert Brennan.
Guide him in his thoughts, words and actions,
Sustain him as an instrument of Your peace and compassion,
Give him the wisdom and strength to proclaim the truths of the Gospel by both word and
Guide his footsteps so that he may always do Your Will,
Protect him from all evil and harm,
Help him to shepherd the flock of the Diocese of Columbus and to bring the souls entrusted to
his care to salvation,
Help him to convert those who live their lives contrary to the way of Christ,
And manifest in him Your boundless mercy, Your forgiveness and kindness.
May he always be filled with Your unfathomable love,
And may he be a vessel for that love to fill the minds and hearts of all.

Pray the following three prayers:
One “Our Father…”
One “Hail Mary…”
One “Glory be…”