A Reflection on Eucharistic Adoration
by Fr. Dave Young

When a person says that they’ve “encountered” someone or something, we usually
assume that there was a quality of chance involved: “Fred encountered an obstacle on
the path;” “Kate had a chance encounter with the boss.” But the type of encounter I
mean is different from these.

This encounter has another, different, distinctive quality of chance. You can lose
nothing in the encounter, but only gain. You can discover wonders, and never leave
your seat. You can build a friendship, without saying a word. You can open up to your
depths, and not fear being judged. You can sit and listen for hours, and find you’ve only
scratched the surface. You can draw on your memories, and find them translated or
transformed. You can find the peace of your “inner room,” and let it pattern your plans.
In this encounter, you can only gain, and never lose.

Sure, it may sound too good to be true. It may sound suspiciously (& overly) optimistic.
It may sound ridiculously naïve and utopian. The potential of this encounter may sound
and seem radical & extreme, but it is all true, and all possible… as long as you take that

And so I invite you to begin this encounter, to take the chance that God may be calling
you to visit Him in a unique and exceptional way. The Church calls the encounter I’m
talking about “Eucharistic Adoration,” and speaking from my own experience, it is

It is simple, quiet, reflective and rewarding. There are no special prayers to memorize,
no formal expectations, no “required reading.” You simply come to church, and spend
some time with the Lord present in the Eucharist. You can read the Scriptures, or
some other spiritual reading; you can pray the Rosary or some other devotion; you can
sit, enjoy the silence, and speak with the Lord in your heart; or you can just sit in His
Presence. There are as many ways to adore, as there are to pray.

Here at Our Lady of Lourdes you are invited to come and to adore the Lord any time!
Eucharistic Exposition & Adoration
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