RCIA Classes
Sundays at 6:30 pm
Our Lady of Lourdes
Parish Hall
(at 300 E. Highland Avenue).
2019 - 2020 Schedule
RCIA, the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, is a restoration of the ancient
practice, which began around 350, as a way RCIA, the Rite of Christian Initiation
for Adults, is a restoration of the ancient practice, which began around 350, as a
way time or helps those baptized as Catholics to complete their faith formation. It
is a process of discerning the stages of conversion leading to sacramental
initiation. It is the parish community -through its witness, worship, service and
catechesis- that offers the invitation and support necessary for men and women to
be initiated in the Church. It is a time of inquiry, learning, prayer and discovery of
community. Those participating have the opportunity to ask questions about the
Church and to hear about the message of Jesus Christ and how it is lived out in
the Catholic Church.

Who is the R.C.I.A. for?  

It is for those who have never been baptized. Through prayer and study of the
faith they will enter the Church through baptism. Easter is the usual time for
adult baptism in the Catholic Church.

It is also for those who are baptized and have joined us from another Christian
tradition but have little knowledge and experience of what it means to be a
Catholic Christian. To become Catholic they do not need to be baptized again.
One may come into “Full Communion” by a period of study and participation in
liturgy with our community. The Catholic Church respects the Christian
upbringing and the faith experiences that are part of their lives. Becoming
Catholic does not mean rejecting their previous faith background; it can now be
lived out in the Catholic Church.

It is for adult Catholics who would like to complete the sacraments of initiation
or who need to refresh or learn more about the faith they profess.  (Sacraments of
Initiation are Baptism, Confirmation & Eucharist.)

For registration or requests for more information, please contact the RCIA
Coordinator, Desiree Tosatto by email
oll@wcoil.com or phone 419-634-2626.
Please see the Parish School of Religion page for information about Christian
Initiation and the Religious Education of Children.  
Click here for Parish
School of Religion (PSR)
Our Lady of Lourdes parish hall - located adjacent to the Church at 300 East Highland Avenue, Ada.  
Please register by email or phone to the parish office:419-634-2626 or oll@wcoilcom
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
Do you have a non Catholic family member or
friend who might like to know more about the
Catholic faith? Or know of someone who was
baptized Catholic but has been away from the
Church? Perhaps you know someone who has been
coming to Mass for a while, but is not Catholic.
Invite them to look deeper into the richness of
Catholicism!  Come with them to meet with other
faithful Catholics who are serving as catechists in
the RCIA program.