Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
& Newman Center
Newman Club

Sacraments, Service, Etc.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about the Catholic Faith, would like to become Catholic, or if you need to “catch up”
on your sacraments (esp. Confirmation), RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is a way to experience life as a Christian family and
join other adults in exploring the Catholic way of life -- a journey guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the teachings, traditions and
practices of the Roman Catholic Church.  Please call or email the parish office for information about RCIA or any sacraments or sacramental

If you are planning to marry in the next year, Our Lady of Lourdes offers a PreCana weekend.  For marriage in the Catholic Church,
couples are required to attend a marriage preparation course and our PreCana fulfills this requirement.  The weekend takes place in March or
April.  Email oll@wcoil.com or call 419/634-2626 if you will need this course and we will let you know the scheduled date.  The first step in
planning a marriage in the Church is to contact the priest at least 6 months in advance.

Ada Churches take turns staffing the Ada Food Pantry.  Our Lady of Lourdes parishioners are responsible for the months of March and
September and sign-up sheets are set out well in advance.  The Food Pantry is open Tuesdays, from 4-6 pm and Saturdays from 10 until
noon.  The Food Pantry is open all year; students are welcome to help at any time.  Check the Ada Food Pantry website for opportunities…  
All of the churches are familiar with the procedure for marking service hours for students who need them.
Our parish offers Preschool and the Parish School of Religion – Grades K-12.  Students are welcome to assist with this ministry but by
diocesan standards must be willing to undergo a fingerprint/background check and a Protecting God’s Children® training.  

The parish welcomes students to serve in the Liturgical ministries – as Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, Altar Servers and
Musicians.  To volunteer: please contact Deb Driscoll in the office (oll@wcoil.com) if you are interested in liturgical ministries, service hours,
or the PSR; Allie Harrison (a-harrison.2@onu.edu if you are interested in Preschool; Mary Drzycimski-Finn <mary.drzy.finn@gmail.com) if
you are musically talented.
Parish School of Religion

Lord, we pray
for all Newman members:
past, present and future,
that You may always be
our constant Companion,
that we may never stray
from the path of faith
and that we may always be blessed
by a welcoming Christian
Community wherever we may be.

Lord, we ask You to guide
those who are searching for You
by using as Your channels
our hearts, hands and lips.

the activities,
social events
and friendships
of our club,
and after our studies,
may we use our gifts
and continue to be
ambassadors of Christ.

What is Newman Club?
The Newman Club is a student-run, ecumenical organization designed to promote
Catholic Christian ideals.  It extends to the University community through religious,
educational, service and social activities, helping students to understand the reality
of their faith in modern society.  The Club is strongly associated with Our Lady of
Lourdes Roman Catholic Church and Newman Center.

What would I do as a member?
As a member of the Newman Club, you would be given the opportunity to explore
your faith in a new and exciting way!  Our RELIGIOUS commitments include
arranging carpools to Our Lady of Lourdes, serving as lay ministers in the parish,
and teaching the community and each other more about Catholicism.  
EDUCATIONAL opportunities include hosting and attending retreats. Outreach
SERVICE programs include supporting several clothing and food drives and helping
anyone who may ask us for assistance. Lastly, SOCIAL activities include dinners
with the Club, social events, and various activities at monthly meetings!

How often does the Club meet?
Monthly! Our meetings are usually brief, filled with fun and laughter. We also
have social events, which are fun times just to hang out which occur about every

What does a Newman Club year look like?

• Act as Lay Ministers at Our Lady of Lourdes Church and Newman Center
• Coordinate carpool for ONU students to attend Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes
• Participate in a student-organized and inspiring Kairos retreat
• Monthly Meetings followed by games or activities
• Weekly praying of the Rosary
• Catholic Study Group
• Monthly chapel prayer room Mass
• Social events with the parish including the Holiday Bazaar and Mardi Gras
• Annual Christmas party with some funny events
• Team participation in Relay For Life
• Easter egg hunt for the children of the parish
• Ice cream social
•  Chili Cook-off
• Newman Club Socials in parish hall with games, movies, laughs, and sleepovers!
• A significant amount of laughter
• We are open to suggestions from anyone!

Why should you join Newman Club?

Newman Club has served as an awesome foundation for many students over the
past several years.

The members form a bond that is reliable, comforting, and fun. This organization is
open to all students and so you can meet people from all different majors and
backgrounds and become friends with those you may have never met!

Our events are fun and we are always looking for new ideas. We are open to all
ideas, so feel free to send them our way. Lastly, Newman Club is a sure place you
can go to get a good laugh and share a smile. It’s the perfect relief from the stress
of school!

How can I become involved?
Talk with a member or send an e-mail to the Secretary, stating that you would like
to become a member.  You will be placed on an e-mail list that circulates during
the standard academic year.  Look for signs or e-mail messages inviting you to the

We hope to hear from you soon!

Contact your Newman Club Officers:

• Gretchen Horning, President: g-horning @onu.edu
• Scott Gerdes, Vice President: s-gerdes @onu.edu
• Miranda Greatorex, Secretary: m-greatorex @onu.edu
• Rachel Liebrecht, Treasurer:r-liebrecht@onu.edu
• Annie Zaibek, Inreach: a-zaibek @onu.edu
• Christine Withrow, Outreach: c-withrow.1@onu.edu
• Dr. Bryan Boulanger, Advisor: b-boulanger@onu.edu
• Dr. Ann Johnson, Advisor:a-johnson.17@onu.edu

Fr. William J. Ferguson
Pastor, Our Lady of Lourdes, Ada and Immaculate Conception, Kenton
Catholic Chaplain, ONU

Feel free to contact any of the above if
you have any questions, we all would love to hear from you!
We welcome you into our parish community and hope to provide any support you
need to strengthen your commitment to Christ.  You will find information about the
parish’s activities, events, liturgies and devotions in the weekly bulletin, the parish
website and through the Newman Club.