A Three- Part Examination of Conscience
- Relationships; The Seven Deadly Sins; The Ten Commandments -


To God:
1. Have you omitted morning or evening prayer, or neglected to make your daily examination of conscience? Have you prayed negligently or
with willful distraction?
2. Have you spent your Sundays in reading, praying, or with family and friends?  Have you taken care that your children do the same?
3. Have you spoken irreverently of God and holy things? Have you taken his name in  vain, or told untruths?
4. Have you been zealous for God's honor, for justice, virtue and truth?
5. Have you resigned your will to God in all things?
6. Have you faithfully tried to resist thoughts of infidelity, distrust, presumption, impurity, etc.?
7. Have you been humble before God?

To Others:

1. Have you disobeyed your superiors, spoke against their orders, or spoken of them contemptuously?
2. Have you been troubled, irritated, or impatient, when told of your faults, and not corrected them? Have you scorned the good advice of
3. Have you offended any one by threatening words or actions?
4. Have you harmed another's reputation?
5. Have you gossiped?  Have you spread any sort of report, either true of false, that lessened another's reputation?
6. Have you been carrying stories back and forth creating discord and disharmony between people?
7. Have you been stubborn or peevish toward anyone in your conversation or demeanor?
8. Have you taken pleasure to provoke another into offending God in any way?
9. Have you been ignoring your children's care or discipline to any extent?   Have you properly cared for their bodies and souls?

To Yourself:
1. Have you been following your own will and ignoring God's?
2. Have you taken pleasure in hearing yourself praised or had vain thoughts?
3. Have you been lazy?
4. Have you been proud?
5. Have you been troublesome to others in thoughts or deeds?
6. Have you spent too much time in play and not had time for the necessities or did them carelessly?


Seven Deadly Sins:
1. Do you refuse enduring anything contrary to what you want?
2. Do you allow yourself wrath to anyone that gives you trouble?
3. Do you allow yourself to proceed in quarrels, injurious language, curses, threats, revenge, or a capacity of exercising it?
4. Do you refuse to forgive those that have had misunderstandings, or even hurt you intentionally?

1. Do you have trouble with the success of a friend?
2. Did you try to do an unkindness or speak ill of a friend?
3. Do you create an ill opinion of him/her to make yourself look better to another?
4. Are you happy when something bad happens to your enemies?

1. Do you eat to excess?
2. Do you drink to excess?
3. Is your over indulgence an ill example to others?

1. Do you have a high opinion of yourself?
2. Do you have such a high opinion of yourself that you have contempt for others?
3. Do you tell the good things you do just to be esteemed by others?
4. Do you confide too much in your own strength thereby showing ingratitude to God?

1. Do you love idleness?
2. Do you neglect doing for others?
3. Do you neglect your prayers?
4. Are you too generous with play and not with work?
5. Are you neat and orderly in your appearance?
6. Are you neat and orderly in your house and possessions?

1. Do you love others over God?
2. Do you use indecent gestures or actions?
3. Do you read immodest books or look at immodest pictures?
4. Do you willfully entertain impure thoughts with delight?
5. Have you acted impurely and/or without respect for chastity.
6. Have you treated others as objects for pleasure, rather than PERSONS deserving love, honor and dignity?

1. Have you given when needed?
2. Have you hoarded?
3. Do you always want more?


First Commandment
I Am the Lord Thy God. Thou Shalt Have No False Gods Before Me
1. Have you ignored the principles of Christianity?
2. Do you worship idols, persons or material items?
3. Have you attributed God's exclusive power to any being other than God, Himself?
4. Do you believe heretics and support their opinions?
5. Do you condemn holy things or holy words?
6. Do you make fun of, or allow those around you to jest or profane, the holy words of God?
7. Do you employ fortune tellers or use superstitious inventions to find out what God has hidden from us?

Second Commandment
Thou Shalt Not Take the Name of the Lord Thy God in Vain
1. Have you made irreverent use of God's holy name?
2. Have you cursed or profaned holy things?
3. Have you provoked others into cursing?
4. Have you taken unnecessary oaths?
5. Have you sworn knowing that it was a false statement?

Third Commandment
Keep Holy the Sabbath
1. Have you done unnecessary work on the Sabbath?
2. Have you caused others to do unnecessary work on the Sabbath?
3. Have you been inattentive and irreverent at Mass?
4. Have you caused others to do so?

Fourth Commandment
Honor Thy Father and Mother
For Children:
1. Have you shown contempt to your parents?
2. Have you willfully disobeyed?
3. Have you deliberately provoked your parents?
4. Have you wished a misfortune for them?
5. Have you forsaken their necessities?

For Parents:
1. Have you done your duty towards your children?
2. Have you been impatient or angry towards them?
3. Have you been a bad example?
4. Have you encouraged them by work and example to prayer and given them a solid foundation of moral habits and virtue?
5. Have you been too possessive with them,  not allowing them independence?
6. Have you indulged their evil ways?
7. Have you set a good example for them?

Fifth Commandment
Thou Shalt Not Kill
1. Have you decided to end another's life? Have you taken another's life?
2. Have you decided to end your own life?
3. Have you deliberately exposed yourself or others to danger without reasonable cause?
4. Have you been careless or taken unnecessary risks that could result in harm to you or others?
5. Have you shown contempt or malice towards others?
6. Do you harbor racial, religious, or class hatred or prejudices?
7. Have you ignored offers of reconciliation of others?
8. Have you refused to forgive?
9. Do you entertain thoughts of revenge?
10. Do you quarrel, threaten or take injurious actions or words against others?

Sixth Commandment
Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery
1. Have you willfully had indecent thoughts and taken pleasure in them?
2. Have you been negligent in repelling them when they came to mind?
3. Have you entertained papers, magazines, movies, T.V., that were impure?
4. Do you commit acts contrary to holy purity?
5. Do you practice contraception?

Seventh Commandment
Thou Shalt Not Steal
1. Have you taken or retained what belongs to another?
2. Have you denied your debts or willfully delayed payment?
3. Have you made or passed counterfeit money?
4. Do you always give a good days work to your employer?

Eighth Commandment
Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness
1. Have you lied?
2. Do you gossip or listen to it with pleasure?
3. Have you ever revealed matters to which you were bound to secrecy?

Ninth Commandment
Thou Shalt Not Covet they Neighbor's Wife
1. Have you willful desires of impurity?
2. Do you entertain thoughts of impurity?
3. Do you speak immodestly?
4. Have you taken unfair advantage of a situation?

Tenth Commandment
Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Goods
1. Have you stolen or done damage?
2. Have you taken unfair advantage of the ignorance or simplicity of another?
3. Have you failed to return what was borrowed?

(Gratefully compiled and redacted from http://www.ainglkiss.com/mc/ex.htm)

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