Our Lady of Lourdes Parish & Newman Center
Weekly Bulletin

Prayer for Vocations

Lord Jesus,
as You once called the first disciples
to make them fishers of men,
let your sweet invitation
continue to resound:
Come, follow Me!

Give young men and women
the grace
of responding quickly
to Your voice.

Support your bishops, priests
and consecrated people
in their apostolic labor.

Grant perseverance
to our seminarians
and to all those who are
carrying out the ideal
of a life totally consecrated
to Your service.
Awaken in our community
a missionary eagerness.

Lord, send workers to your harvest!
do not allow humanity to be lost
for the lack of pastors,
and people
dedicated to the cause
of the Gospel.

Mary, Mother of the Church,  
model of every vocation,
help us to say “Yes” to the Lord
Who calls us to cooperate
in the divine plan of salvation.

We ask this through Christ Our
Lord. Amen.

(Pope John Paul II)
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2020 Bulletins
We are, like everyone else, suffering
financially through this pandemic, as we still
have all the regular bills to pay, including all
normal payroll.  
Since we are using updates in the place of
bulletins, we have not been posting our
weekly offertory/ financial budget vs actual
information but are still required to track our
Thank you! to all who are still
keeping up their regular giving! Your
unwavering support is essential and
appreciated!  Thank you in a special way to
all who have given extra in this time of need!

May 24, 2020
FY 19/20         Budget /Need            Actual
Weekly:              2,931.00                 420.00
Year:              1345265.00           108376.00
Over (Under)                               (26150.00)